We typically run 4 games each year, and we'd love for you to be there.

Each game runs from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.

Check-in begins Saturday morning at 8 AM. This allows you to get your character sheet, gives staff time to ensure your weapons are safe, and give you your supplies before the game begins.

Opening Meeting will be at 9:30 - This gives an opportunity to go over any new safety information or rules changes, and make sure we're all on the same page. Please try to be on time for this :)

"Game On" is at 10 AM. After this point, we'll be sending out plots and combat, so we'd like to ensure everyone is fully in character.

Around 1 AM, we'll pause the game for the night. This will allow players and staff to re-use the camp's module building, tavern, and other buildings to sleep in. Additionally, you're free to have a tent setup if you like - Some players enjoy having a tent both for sleeping and as their "Home base" during the game.
While the game world will officially pause for the night, feel free to continue light RP outside of the buildings (such as by the fire-pit) if you so choose.

At 9 AM on Sunday, we'll start the game back up, and run until about noon, after which clean-up and checkout may take about an hour.

Event Dates

We had hoped to run 4 events in 2020, but unfortunately we've had to cancel these due to the pandemic.
We'll be looking into other options for online get togethers, and look forward to seeing you in 2021.

  • May 16-17

  • June 27-28

  • August 8-9

  • September 19-20

  • We'd love to have you register your character, as well as register for any event you plan to attend.